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Special trains list for Onam to Kerala – Updated

Onam Special Train will be always announced at the month of August & September to Kerala by Indian railways. Indian Railways operate numerous train to and from Kerala going until Jammu & Kashmir in the North and Assam in the North east. Onam is one of the biggest festival celebrated in Kerala state. Usually in Festival Season to avoid the rush in trains, Indian railways will announce the festival Special trains. Want to go to Kerala for this Onam Festival? Searching for the list of Special train for Onam to go to native. Then you are at the right place. Check out the Onam special trains list 2017 over here.

Onam Special Trains 2017 – Updated

Special Trains for Onam Festival – Kerala

Kerala is one of largest state and it is well connected throughout India by a network of rail routers which connects all major railway station across India. About 90% of the people are educated in Kerala and most of them are spread out of state for work & to study. Onam Festival is the fabulous festival celebrated by Kerala people every year. And during this Onam festival people from Kerala who stay in other states, go to their native though trains. Since train ticket is much cheaper compared to air tickets.

Onam Special Trains
Onam Special Trains

Also many tourist will visit Kerala during this Onam festival. If you are travelling in the Onam special train 2017, this year you can enjoy the amazing greenery, green paddy fields, long swaying coconut trees, abundant forests, steep mountains and hill tops, pleasant rivers, natural and extensive lakes and even you can the suburban cities. Is Kerala is your native?  Want to know list of special trains operated for this Onam festival Special train 2017.

What is Onam Special Train?

As said earlier, every year special train services will be announced for Onam which is called as “Onam Special Train”. Also it can be called as Thriuvonam Special trains. Similar for this year Indian railway will announce Onam special train list will be announced soon.

When is Onam 2017?

Onam festival 2017 is celebrated in Kerala by Month of August & September. Here are list of Onam dates that are celebrated in Kerala Regions. Please find the Onam dates below

  • Ataham – August 25,2017
  • Chithira – August 26, 2017
  • Chodhi – August 27, 2017
  • Vishakham – August 28, 2017
  • Anizham – August 29, 2017
  • Thriketa – August 30, 2017
  • Moolam – August 31, 2017
  • Pooradam – September 1, 2017
  • First Onam/Uthradom – September 3, 2017
  • Second Onam/Thiruvonam – September 4, 2017
  • Third Onam/Avvittom – September 5, 2017
  • Fourth Onam/Chatayam – September 6, 2017

The four Onam festival is celebrated as widely across all regions in India especially in the southern state Kerala. Since Onam is at the beginning of the September the special trains for Thiruvonam festival will be announced by August.

When Onam Special Train Ticket will be opened?

To clear the extra rush for the Onam festival, Onam Special train will be announced by Indian railway at the month of September & August 2017. Since is comes between September 2nd to 6th you can except an announcement from Indian railway for Onam festival train by August end of the month.

How to book Onam Special Train Ticket?

Want to know how to book Onam special train tickets? It’s very simple Onam special trains can booked at online (IRCTC Website) & at reservation Counters. But you need to book immediately after the Onam special train announcement. Usually Special trains for Onam will be declared only at the last minute. So you need to keep monitoring.

We also highly recommend you to follow us on Facebook & this website, since we used to get special train for all the festival as news feed from Indian railways. We will post it immediately on this website and share it on facebook. So if you keep following us you can easily book Onam special train ticket and enjoy onam festival at home every year. To book Onam special train you need search the special train list in the article after they announce.  So that you can book it in Online.

Onam Special Train List from Where to Where?

Usually special trains for onam will be announced from all the major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Nagar Kovil, Hyderabad & New Delhi to all major railway station in Kerala like Thiruvananthapuram Central (TVC), Ernakulum Town North (ERN), Kozhikode (CLT),Shornur Junction (SRR), Kollam Junction (QLN), Ernakulam Junction South (ERS), Kottayam (KTYM), Palakkad Junction (PGT), Thrissur Railway Station (TCR), Kannur (CAN), Chengannur (CNGR), Alappuzha(ALLP) and Kayamkulam Junction (KYJ).similarly Wise Versa

If you want to know List of Onam Special Trains 2017 across all the major cities the check out below. You will have all the train running special for this onam festival.

Onam Special Trains 2017 – Updated

Onam Special Train Ticket Fare

The Ticket fare of the Onam Special Train will be little higher than usual normal trains. Usually the special train ticket fare will be announced at the time festival train announcement. The fare of the special train ticket differs from train to train.

Hope this details are well enough to book onam special train ticket. If you have any suggestions/queries you can comment us we will revert as soon as possible. Happy Onam 🙂

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