Onam Special Train to Kerala 2016

Kerala is part of Indian railway line which comes under southern railways line. Inside the state , most of railway stations are well connected. Also  Thiruvananthapuram Railway division (TCR) is one of the busiest railway station in Kerala in south Zone

Onam Special Train to Kerala railway Stations :

For the below Kerala Major Railway Stations, Special trains are announced for Onam Festival Special trains (i.e) Booking for Onam Special trains 2016 for the below railway station has been started. Please find your train station and book the special train for onam festival and enjoy the travel

Special trains for the below Railway Station

Kannur (CAN), Kozhikode (CLT), Tirur (TIR), Shornur Junction(SRR), Palakkad Junction (PGT), Thrissur Railway Station (TCR), Aluva (AWY), Ernakulam Town (North) (ERN),Ernakulam Junction (South) (ERS), Alappuzha (ALLP), Kottayam (KTYM), Tiruvalla (TRVL), Chengannur (CNGR),Kayamkulam Junction (KYJ), Kollam Junction (QLN) and Thiruvananthapuram Central (TVC), Trivandarum (TVC),  Thrissur (TCR)

Find list of Special train for Onam Festival 2016 for each railway station in Kerala

Station NameStation CodeView Special Train 2016
Kannur CANOnam Special train 2016
Kozhikode CLTOnam Special train 2016
TirurTIROnam Special train 2016
Shornur JunctionSRROnam Special train 2016
Palakkad JunctionPGTOnam Special train 2016
Thrissur TCROnam Special train 2016
Ernakulam Town (North) ERNOnam Special train 2016
,Ernakulam Junction (South) ERSOnam Special train 2016
Alappuzha ALLPOnam Special train 2016
KottayamKTYMOnam Special train 2016
Tiruvalla TRVLOnam Special train 2016
Chengannur CNGROnam Special train 2016
Kayamkulam Junction KYJOnam Special train 2016
Kollam JunctionQLNOnam Special train 2016
Thiruvananthapuram Central TVCOnam Special train 2016

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