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Book Diwali Special Train 2017 [Updated List]

Diwali Special Train Online Booking is it easy? Does online Booking for Diwali is opened? Want to know how to book special trains for Diwali 2017? If you are searching for the answer for the above questions, then you are at the right place. Here is an ultimate Guide to do Diwali Special train booking and you can check out the latest special trains announced for this Diwali Festival and you can check the Special train seat availability.

Diwali Special Trains Online Booking 

Diwali 2017 is celebrated on October 28th 2017 of this year across India. This Diwali Festival is celebrated in most of the parts of India.  Before proceeding to know about the trick for Diwali Special Train Online Booking, we highly recommend you to check out the special trains for Diwali for your stations that are announced recently by Indian Railways. Diwali 2017 Special Trains for each & every railway stations across India are listed below. You just need to click on link and navigate to the page and check for your Special trains on the Region.


ChennaiBanagloreMumbaiCoimbatore New Delhi

Normal Train Ticket Booking For Diwali:

To book normal train ticket you just need to know the date of the festival. (i.e.) you should know the When is Diwali 2017? This year, it’s on October 28th 2017. Usually normal train tickets booking will get opened 120 days before. (i.e.) Advance Reservation Period is 120 days. This year Diwali tickets gets opened by June 9th.So you need to be more alert on the date of booking. You need to log into website as early as possible on that day and book your normal Diwali train ticket.

Diwali Special Train Ticket Booking:

Deepavali special train booking is very as like normal train ticket booking. The only difference you just need to keep watching our site frequently to get the Special trains list for Diwali 2017. Once they are announced you just need to book train ticket immediately on the Special train. You need to book immediately on the Special train  for Diwali after announcement, because there will be only limited number of seats available on the Special train and there will more crowd for booking those special train tickets for Diwali in online and at reservation counters of railway stations. We highly recommend you to follow us on Facebook and this website. We will the special train list circular immediately for all festival. So we will easily come to know about the Diwali Special trains immediately after announcement by Indian Railways

Hope with the help of above Special train tricks & tips you can easily book your Special train ticket immediately. Happy Diwali 🙂 Have a Safe Diwali and & Safe Journey.

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